Why write a blog?

I have seen myself as a software developer since I started my career.  The reality is that I have hardly written code in 20 years.  However, the act of actually physically writing code, in my humble opinion is a small part of the work that is necessary in developing a software application. 

Back in 1996 I left a job I had held for 8 years - a software house that wrote any software that clients would pay us for - to instead focus on developing a clinical trial solution at IBM.  Since then I have purely focused on clinical trial software. 

But that is not really the sole purpose of my blog.  This blog is about life.  How we can live positively.  For purely work / life science articles please see my entries on LinkedIn or Medium

Some of my posts might be about work. Some posts about the environment. Some about other stuff that interest me. 

I value feedback - positive or negative.